Tuesday, March 18, 2014


Hello Faithful Friends,
MVBC parents and youth leaders are THE BEST!!
You may be aware that over the past several years the rising 7th graders have moved into the youth department just after Go Tell Camp week at the end of June. As a result we have promoted the entire youth department at the same time instead of the "normal" time in August. This was largely due to the fact that until recently MVBC did not have a specific area for 6th graders.
Praise the Lord, a few years ago some sweet adults along with our children's minister created B2CQ (Bridge to Cross Quest). This ministry area is specific to 6th grade (preteens). Susan Wyatt along with the Pace's and Bryant's have ramped up this ministry area with great teaching resources and some new and exciting activities and opportunities for the preteens. Starting this summer the B2CQ group will have their very own preteen camp during VBS week. They will have weekly "HangTimes" this summer and a short term missions opportunity scheduled for late June.

As a result of B2CQ's expanded schedule and opportunities Susan and I have prayerfully decided to have SUNDAY SCHOOL PROMOTION the morning of August 10, 2014. That means that you will be able to keep your students until August 10 instead of sending them up so early.
****Since this announcement is such a big change from what we have done for the past 14+ years and since some preteens may have siblings already in youth group and therefore have planned to go to summer camp with the youth; Susan and I are okay with those particular preteens going to Go Tell camp this year. After camp they will finish their time in B2CQ and officially promote to CrossQuest's Youth department August 10.****
If you have questions or comments feel free to contact me at 919-847-0160 X225 or cq247kevin@gmail.com or see me here at MVBC.
In Christ,
Kevin Moore

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

CrossQuest Youth Group’s
Jesus We CQ Ski retreat at Winterplace, WVA.
February 20-22 

Who:                     All 7-12 graders and Adult leaders. 

What:                   Leave from MVBC after school on Thursday, ski all day Friday, and return to MVBC Saturday. While in West Virginia we will Ski, snowboard or snow tube at Winterplace Ski Resort. Cost includes transportation, lodging, 1 meal voucher at ski resort, and tons of fun! Snow Tubing is an additional cost. 

Where:                 Winterplace Ski Resort - Flat Top, West Virginia. 

Cost:                    Ski $125   /   Snowboard $140   /   Non skier $80  Note: total cost includes deposit

Deposit:               Non-refundable deposit of $40 due by Feb. 2

Final Balance:     Due Feb. 14 

SIGN UP REQUIRED:         Sign Up Sheet on Kevin’s office door and Youth Room

Monday, March 11, 2013

2013 Go Tell Camp!

Sign Up: NOW and before March 24    
Deposit: $50 due by MARCH 24 (deposit goes toward total cost)     
Cost: $250 if paid before May 1 / $275 if after May 1    
Open to: Rising 7th graders through 2013 HS graduates
This is going to be an exciting year at Go Tell Camp and YOU DO NOT WANT TO MISS OUT! You must sign up before March 24 to attend. We have a limited number of spaces available so check your calendars and sign up ASAP. Celebrating Go Tell Camps 25th anniversary will be a ton of fun! They have a great line up of speakers, events, games, activities, and much more planned for this summer. Our group leaves from Raleigh early on June 24 to drive to Toccoa, Georgia. We arrive at the Toccoa Inn and Suites to get room assignments and instructions for the week. Next it is off to the Georgia Baptist Assembly Retreat to kick off camp week. Each day we have small group break out with other churches, morning worship with the camp band and camp pastor. The middle of the day is filled with camp activities and water sports. The evening services are a celebration of Jesus and the life He has provided. The messages are meant to be inspiring and challenging. During our 15 years of attending Go Tell Camps we have had many salvations, re-commitments to Christ, young people surrendering to ministry, and brokenness for lost family and friends. The staff and leaders of Go Tell Camp are already praying for you even before you arrive. So, sign up, pray up and prepare to GO TELL!

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Zombie Wars 2013

ZOMBIE WARS- The CrossQuest Youth group invite you to join them on a journey to thwart the “mind numbed zombie” attitude that comes from not knowing the truth of Scripture! Beginning January 1, 2013 we will start reading through the Bible together. We will provide a reading list that is as zombie proof as possible. If you would like to join this quest then contact Kevin crossquest@embarqmail.com or Wayne wstallings@nc.rr.com
Click on the READING PLAN and READING PLAN LOG LINKS and JOIN THE RESISTANCE: http://db.tt/huMFEF1R and http://db.tt/vo40dhDp

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Youth and Parents Christmas Celebration2012!
Dear Parents of CrossQuest Students, you are invited to join us in the youth room December 16 from 5-6:15pm for our annual Christmas celebration. So break out your favorite Christmas sweater and hat and let’s have fun celebrating the birth of Jesus together! Parents are asked to bring a finger food or desert to share, and we will provide the drinks and coffee. Come prepared to sing, laugh, and enjoy getting to know each other a little better!